I am not sure how I can follow this weeks email about “I wet my pants” as there certainly were lots of comments and positive feedback. Thank you for sharing your stories of fears with me. If you missed the email you can still read the blog post and watch the free video here.(link is external) I have something important I want to tell you so I am sending an extra email out this week.

It is important that we help raise a healthy next generation. Many kids are put on Tylenol for fevers and swollen glands, but this can be harmful to their livers and may even lead to trapped pathogenic factors that open doors to future illnesses. I am sending you this email to let you know that we have an upcoming free live webinar on how to safely treat kids for recurrent episodes of fevers with swollen glands with Sun Simiao’s Chinese medicine techniques. Watch this live webinar to strengthen the future of your community by learning how to give children a better and healthier chance.

Our esteemed presenter for this webinar is Assaf Mor.

Assaf is a practitioner of Chinese medicine, Shiatsu, herbal therapy, and Qi Gong and specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents. He is a graduate of Broshim College of Integrative Medicine, Tel Aviv University in Shiatsu and continued his studies in Classical Chinese medicine, Stems & Branches, and Japanese Acupuncture. He also completed an advanced course in acupuncture at the Guan An Man Hospital in Beijing.

Periodic fever aphthous pharyngitis and cervical adenopathy (PFAPA) is a more common and familiar condition than the frightening name given to it would have you believe. Many children experience recurrent episodes of fevers with swollen glands and when there are no other symptoms, they are usually diagnosed with “viral infections.” Only a few of them will be diagnosed with FPAPA when the fever turns cyclic, but this diagnosis will not give the parents or the child any relief.

A brief dive into the writing of Sun Simiao from almost 1400 years ago, together with clinical case studies, will give us an interesting insight into a situation that can be explained as a healthy state of the body and the immune system, rather than as a disease.

Assaf is also the chair of the ICCM (the International Community of Chinese Medicine in Israel)(link is external) which hosts an annual conference that I strongly recommend attending. You will find amazing speakers sharing inspiring and cutting edge content in a vibrant city with beautiful people. I will be teaching at the ICCM in on March 14th, 2018 on Laser Acupuncture for Fertility and Egg Quality. An excuse for us to hang out and eat falafel. Plus, Assaf Mor will be presenting one of the pre-symposium lectures with Sabine Wilms on pediatrics at the Integrative Fertility Symposium.

Dr Lorne Brown

Dr Lorne Brown


Dr. Lorne Brow  is the Clinical Director of Acubalance Wellness Centre, the founder of Healthy Seminars and the chair of the Integrative Fertility Symposium and author of Missing The Point.


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