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Human health is dependent on the constant replenishment of post-natal qi that we derive from the food we eat and the air we breathe. Due to the central importance of the Earth element in Chinese medicine, many classical traditions thus focus on regulating the spleen/stomach, even when modern medicine does not identify any pathological changes in the digestive tract.

In addition, the modern industrial era has brought unique challenges to the natural process of digestion. Globalism has introduced a diversity of foods from all over the world into our diets at a rate that is unprecedented in the evolution of the human species. Our food has also undergone major changes in the ways of processing, additives, preservatives, genetic engineering, pesticides, hormones, chemical fertilizers and mono-crops. Faced with these rapid transformations in food production, locale, and seasonal availability, it is no surprise that a large percentage of our patients are suffering from digestive issues that range from allergies/sensitivities to chronic inflammatory bowel conditions.

Following in the footsteps of the “Earth School” of classical Chinese medicine, Dr. Heiner Fruehauf will share the clinical experiences of his teachers as well as his personal experiences from two decades of treating chronic patients by regulating the Earth element. In this four hour course, he will share his perspectives on treating chronic digestive disorders using classical Chinese herbal formulas as well as adjunctive therapies including dietary modification and nutritional supplementation.

Objectives & Goals

  • Gain perspective on digestive pathologies in modern society
  • Learn to clinically differentiate between different patterns of digestive pathologies
  • Learn key herbal formulas, single herbs and herb pairs that can be used in the treatment of digestive disorders

Course Outline

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Heiner Fruehauf

Estimated Time for Course Completion: 4 Hours

NCCAOM License #ACHB 553-170

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Course Outline

Handouts & Resources

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Course Evaluation & Certificates

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