I Was Told by Several of My Peers That My Ideas Would Fail. Thankfully I Ignored the Naysayers.

In 1994, I left a comfortable career as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and moved across the country to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor of TCM. Back then, because there were no regulations for acupuncture in British Columbia I was told the chance of me earning a living from practicing acupuncture was unlikely, especially compared to what I was making as a CPA. Not true. Today my practice, Acubalance Vancouver, is internationally known for integrative fertility care and my family and I enjoy a wonderful lifestyle.

By 2008, I launched Pro D Seminars to offer online continuing education for acupuncturists. My colleagues and I were tired of struggling to find ‘reliable’ educational resources to help us be better practitioners. Nobody had ever done it. I was told that I would fail, big time. Again, not true. The site has grown exponentially every year since its inception. It’s not luck or magic, it is just common sense. I created Pro D — to bolster those struggling with the same fears I had as an entrepreneur and practitioner, to enhance their value as a practitioner through education. Pro D became our place to ‘invest in yourself, so others would invest in you’.

As the pioneer in online TCM education, and with exponential growth every year, we have grown to a point we had to take the next step. We pooled resources to create ‘ease of access’ for our users and a smoother/faster delivery platform! We called it Health Seminars (www.healthseminars.com). This most recent upgrade to www.healthyseminars.com is more proof of our commitment to excellence. We now have a full-time IT staff, which can perform real-time updates and upgrades without disrupting your flow. We are all so busy and there is so much more to accomplish.

In 2015 I founded the Integrative Fertility Symposium (ifsymposium.com), again well-intended people told me I was crazy. I was told that in-person acupuncture conferences were rapidly declining in attendance, but I knew that it was because the event needed to be an ‘Event!’. I was no longer surprised when I was told that nobody would attend a destination conference in Vancouver with such a narrow focus (reproductive health). And I tell you this, so you will act when you just ‘know’ what needs to be done: registrations for exhibitors and attendees have sold out every year with participants from across the globe.

You may wonder how I, an average Joe, made this happen despite the naysayers and constant risk of failure? I put in the work every single day to better myself through education. My continuous learning made me a better practitioner and entrepreneur, and my increased knowledge and competence from the continued learning gave me the confidence to persevere in the face of hardship. In short, my investment in education took me farther than I could have gone with basic training as a Dr. of TCM and CPA.

I know you have big dreams and are compelled to help others. I understand it can feel like the journey is too challenging, or like success is impossible. I want to help you attain your dreams and experience abundance and prosperity in your life. I think my experience will prove that it starts by building on your educational foundation.

I’m living proof that no matter who you are, when you invest in yourself, you inspire others to invest in you.

Happy learning,

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